Adiabatic coolers have their own purpose and benefits

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Published: 16th February 2011
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Adiabatic cooling is very popular nowadays in industry for keeping a temperature constant at a very precise level. This kind of cooling system is the most reliable as it does not depend on water cooling or fluctuations in temperature in order to work. Instead, the system relies on the pressure of the gas running through it to lower the temperature of the atmosphere around it.

While water coolers use the temperature of the water to transmit or take away heat from the atmosphere surrounding the chiller, these adiabatic cooling equipment rely on the pressure of the gas to cause any temperature changes. This means no heat ever gets added or subtracted, making the process very energy efficient. Rather than having to go to the trouble to heat water in order to transmit it, which can use up energy, these adiabatic systems have none of that wastage. Instead, the system relies on the free expansion of the gas in what is known as an isothermal process.

Adiabatic cooling takes place in these systems, which can be used for industries which need to carefully regulate the temperature of their products, by decreasing the pressure of a substance. While the substance works upon its surroundings, the adiabatic cooling occurs using the pressure of gas, and without the use of fluids.

Adiabatic cooling systems can even reach very low temperatures, and very small specific temperatures, such as a thousandth of a degree. This process is reached by adiabatic demagnetisation, where magnetic material and the changes in magnetic fields is utilised to provide cooling in industries with the adiabatic cooling system.

The concept for adiabatic cooling systems actually comes from the very same process being used in the earth’s atmosphere, making it make sense that the process should work so efficiently, and is a first choice for many industries. For example, rising magma undergoes this adiabatic cooling process before it erupts onto the earth’s surface.

The adiabatic dry coolers can save on running costs for your business because there is not the expense of heating up water in order to put it through the system. Equally, adiabatic coolers have a long life, and can be relied upon in your industry for years to come. This means you will always get a return on your investment, as over time the benefits of having the system and the work it does will outdo the cost of initially purchasing it. Maintenance costs tend to be low, with many providers of adiabatic coolers offering a warranty whereby they will maintain the system for you for a number of years.

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